Right in the center of Granada we can find the old silk market, known today as Alcaiceria. Discover this labyrinth of narrow streets steeped in history and full of stores offering a myriad of products.

A few meters from the Cathedral of Granada you will find one of the most charming areas of the city: the Alcaiceria. This narrow street with several bifurcations is located in the part that was occupied during the Muslim domination by the silk souk.

This ancient Arab market was very popular during the Nasrid period when the merchants who stayed at the Corral del Carbon came to exchange silk, spices, and other highly valued goods.

The Alcaiceria was enclosed by nine gates that were kept shut at night and guarded by security guards to protect the objects of almost two hundred stores. In the mid-19th century, an arson attack on a match store destroyed the souk and the market had to be rebuilt.

Today, the Alcaiceria comprises a long narrow street decorated with Granada lamps that leads to a small square from which other narrow streets emerge. The reason behind building such narrow streets was to prevent robberies, as the thief could not get very far without someone stopping him.

Shopping in the Alcaiceria

One of the best areas for shopping in Granada is the Alcaiceria. In its stores, you'll find a wide range of products, from souvenirs (mugs, T-shirts, or magnets) to traditional Arab handicrafts, such as inlay, lamps or backpacks, and leather bags.

Also, near the Alcaiceria you will find stores offering jewelry, spices, books, and textiles.


Bus: lines 4, 8, 11, 21, 33, C31, C32 and C34 with stop at Gran Via.