Shopping in Granada

Shopping in Granada

The Arab legacy has remained evident in the craftsmanship and traditional products of Granada, such as inlay or zafalauja pottery. Discover the main shopping streets of Granada.

Granada is definitely heaven for Arab and North African decoration enthusiasts. For example, in areas like the Alcaiceria or neighborhoods like the Albaicin you'll find lamps, tea sets, handkerchiefs, leather bags, and other iconic souvenirs of Granada.

What to buy in Granada

  • Zafalauja pottery: In almost every craft store in the city you'll find plates, bowls, and pots decorated with geometric motifs in shades of green and blue. This is the star product of Granada and one of the greatest reflections of the Nasrid influence in its craftsmanship.
  • Taracea: This ancient oriental technique consists of decorating furniture, chests, and other wooden pieces with small fragments of ivory, mother-of-pearl, or silver, giving rise to a mosaic. It's a very delicate process in which all the pieces are cut by hand to fit into the final piece.
  • Fans: As in the rest of Andalusia, fans are an essential item in every souvenir store in Granada. The options are endless and you can find fans made of different types of wood and with the most original designs.
  • Shawls and mantillas: Textile craftsmanship has always been of great importance in Granada, and a reflection of this is the shawls and mantillas that you'll find in the street stalls of the Albaicin and the center of the city. These are hand-embroidered pieces of cloth.
  • Piononos: Where food is concerned, the most typical product of Granada is the piononos de Santa Fe. These chocolates created in honor of Pope Pius IX are made with sponge cake filled with sweet liquid and topped with cream.
  • Jarapas: If you visit the villages of the Alpujarra of Granada you cannot leave without a jarapa. These quilts or rugs made with recycled fabrics of various colors are a clear reflection of the Arab influence in the city and a nice souvenir of Granada.
  • Granada lamps: Granada lamps are small lanterns made with several sheets of glass that illuminate the Albaicin area. In the souvenir stores, you'll find replicas handmade by local artisans.
  • Silver items: Although not so common, if you're looking for a small souvenir of Granada, you'll also find pendants and earrings in the shape of the pomegranate fruit and figurines of the Alhambra made of silver.
  • Olive oil: Another gourmet souvenir that you can't miss out on is the olive oil from Granada. It's one of the most coveted in Spain thanks to the olive-growing tradition of the region.
  • Spanish guitars: Granada is a paradise for music and flamenco lovers. On the slope of Gomerez, at the entrance to the Alhambra, there are numerous stores specializing in Spanish guitars, a classic souvenir of Granada.
  • Spices: on the Carrera del Darro and in some stores near the Cathedral there are several Moroccan-style herbalists with a wide variety of medicinal plants, aromatic flowers, and spices for cooking.

Streets and shopping areas in Granada

  • Albaicin: Undoubtedly the best place to buy traditional products of Granada is the Albaicin neighborhood. Here you'll find numerous stores with handmade products, zafalauja pottery, and lamps from Granada.
  • Alcaiceria: This area located very close to the Cathedral is known as the souk of Granada, as it retains the Arab essence of the old Nasrid silk market, which was destroyed after a fire. Strolling through the Alcaiceria you'll feel like you're traveling to Morocco, not only for the products of the stalls but also for the sellers themselves.
  • Carrera del Darro: Walking along the banks of the Darro you'll find souvenir stores with magnets, fans, leather goods, and other typical gifts from Granada.
  • Caldereria: In this area divided into Caldereria Vieja and Caldereria Nueva you'll find stores with natural cosmetics, silver objects, tea shops, and hippie-style clothing.
  • Calle Reyes Catolicos: This is the most important commercial street in Granada. Historically, it housed the main stores and stores of the city. Today, it maintains its commercial essence, with clothing and accessory stores, as well as cafes.
  • Calle Mesones: This street in the center of Granada very close to the Realejo is an avenue full of clothing stores, small boutiques, and establishments of more prestigious brands.
  • Gran Via de Colon: This is the main avenue of Granada and the area where you'll find all kinds of amenities: banks, pharmacies, opticians, and, of course, clothing and accessories stores. It's a good area for shopping in Granada, as you'll inevitably walk past it at some point during your visit.

Shopping malls

  • Nevada Shopping: It's the largest shopping center in Granada and Andalusia. It has more than two hundred brands of clothing, hospitality, and accessories. It's located in the outskirts of the city, about 15 minutes by car, and has parking, a supermarket, a children's area, and other services.
  • Neptuno: It is the oldest shopping center in Granada and is located in the center, within walking distance of the Science Park. Due to the economic crisis, many stores closed down and now it still has movie theaters, beauty stores, jewelry stores, and shoe stores.
  • Serrallo Plaza: It is also a bit far from the center. This shopping center offers fashion and accessory stores, restaurants, toy libraries, cinemas, and a supermarket.
  • Kinepolis: The farthest mall from the center for shopping in Granada is Kinepolis, a fairly convenient option if you have a car and you need products of large surfaces. It functions more like an industrial park and leisure center.

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