Where to stay in Granada

Where to stay in Granada

Where are the top places to stay in Granada? Discover the best apartments, hostels, and hotels in the city center and other recommended neighborhoods to consider in Granada.

Best places to stay in Granada

The size of Granada makes this city the perfect destination to explore on foot, getting lost in the maze-like streets of the Albaicin, walking up to the Sacromonte, or strolling through the old town. Therefore, you'll have no problem when looking for accommodation in Granada. These are the best areas to stay in Granada.

Staying in the historic center of Granada

The best area to stay in Granada is the historic center of the city. If you have no budget problems, we recommend sleeping in the old town, an area full of services, with a wide range of hotels and very close to tourist monuments such as the Cathedral of Granada, the Madraza Palace, and the Corral del Carbon

From the old town of Granada, you can walk or take a bus to almost every tourist attraction in the city.

Staying in the Albaicin

Undoubtedly, the most charming neighborhood of Granada is the Albaicin. It's a pretty convenient area to look for accommodation, although its steep streets are not very comfortable to walk. If you do not mind climbing up hills and want to stay near the best viewpoints of Granada, the Albaicin is a great option.

The neighborhood is very well connected to the center of Granada by bus and is the best area to feel the Arab essence of the city.

Staying in Sacromonte

This old neighborhood of caves where Romany gypsies have traditionally lived is today one of the main tourist attractions of Granada. However, the hotel options are not very extensive and in low season the area is not very lively. Also, given its location on top of a hill, this is a neighborhood full of narrow and steep streets that are difficult to reach by cab or bus

If you're looking for a unique experience, such as sleeping in a cave, you can book accommodation in Sacromonte. However, we don't consider it one of the best areas to stay in Granada.

Other neighborhoods in Granada

If you're looking to save some money and don't mind staying a bit further away from the city center, you can look for accommodation in Ronda or Beiro. The Ronda district is a quiet area on the banks of the Genil river with affordable hotels for every budget. It's about a forty-minute walk away from the city center and is home to places of interest, such as the Science Park.

On the northern side of Granada, you can find Beiro, a district full of tea shops, tapas bars, and a very youthful atmosphere. Also, here you'll find the train station of Granada and the Monastery of San Jeronimo.

Hotels in Granada

When looking for where to stay in Granada, if you book well in advance and compare different hotel offers, you can get good accommodation in the city center for about 55 (US$ 58.40) per night. In Spring and Autumn, there are more tourists in Granada, so the prices increase considerably.

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Apartments in Granada

Staying in an apartment is the best option when traveling with family or friends and, above all, to save some money. It's a very popular option that is becoming an alternative to hotels. On the website Apartamentos Baratos, you'll find apartments all over the world with the lowest price guarantee.

Hostels in Granada

If you want to save as much as possible when it comes to sleeping in Granada, the cheapest option is to book a hostel. Although the options are limited, in the following link you can check the hostels in Granada and choose the one that best suits your needs: