How to get to Granada

How to get to Granada

The tourist boom in Granada has led more and more tourists to discover the charm of the city of the Alhambra. Find out how to get to Granada by plane, car, train, or bus.

Getting to Granada by car

Granada is located in the south of Spain and is easily accessible from all parts of the country. It's about 265 miles (430 kilometers) from Madrid, Spain's capital city, so, taking the A-44, you'll be there in about four and a half hours. The distance from neighboring cities is 80 miles (130 kilometers) from Malaga and 102 miles (165 kilometers) from Cordoba.

If you plan to travel to Granada by car, you should keep in mind that it's very difficult to find parking in the historic center and that many streets in the center and the Albaicin do not allow cars to circulate.

You can find free parking in Granada in the vicinity of the Science Park and the Neptuno shopping center, in the western part of the city.​

Getting to Granada by bus

If you're looking to give your pockets a break, the cheapest option to travel to Granada is by bus. It's also one of the slowest alternatives, so you must take into account your city of origin if you do not want it to be too long a journey. The bus trip from Madrid to Granada takes about five hours.

The bus company operating in Granada is Alsa. You can check fares, schedules, and promotions on their website.

Getting to Granada by train

Since June 2019, Granada has had a high-speed train (AVE). The train ride to Granada from Madrid takes about three hours and twenty minutes. To check train schedules, prices, and fares from other cities, you can visit the Renfe website and book your ticket online.

Getting to Granada by plane

If you're traveling from a farther location, getting to Granada by plane is one of the best options. Granada-Jaen International Airport (GRX) works with the Spanish airline Iberia and offers flights to domestic destinations, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, and Tenerife; and international destinations, such as London, Paris, and Milan. The airlines operating at Granada airport are Iberia, Air Europa, EasyJet, and Vueling.

In 2006, the Ministry of Development signed a collaboration agreement with the Diputación de Jaen for the Granada airport to also provide service to this province, which does not have its own airport. The distance by bus between the two cities is one hour.

Flying to Granada is not a very economical option but it's the fastest and most comfortable. The flight time between Madrid and Granada is one hour.

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