Taxis in Granada

Taxis in Granada

Cabs in Granada are quite affordable and are a good option to reach the city center from distant neighborhoods or to travel to some monuments such as the Alhambra on a budget.

Taxis in Granada are white with a diagonal green stripe. There are almost 450 cabs operating in the city, so you'll have no problem getting one. Granada cabs operate within the city and offer transfers to other cities as well.


  • Service fare: 1.52 (US$ 1.60)
  • Per kilometer traveled: 0.82 (US$ 0.90)
  • An hour waiting: 21.16 (US$ 22.60)
  • Minimum fare: 4.04 (US$ 4.30)

Almost all cabs in Granada have a dataphone to pay by card.

Frequent cab fares

  • From the center of Granada to the airport: 27 (US$ 28.90) approximately.
  • From the airport to the bus station: 25 (US$ 26.70) approximately.
  • From Plaza Nueva to the Alhambra: 5 (US$ 5.40) approximately.
  • From the Alhambra to the Sierra Nevada: 60 (US$ 64.20) approximately.

Telephone numbers

The main cab companies operating in Granada are Tele Radio Taxi (+34 958 280 654) and Radio Taxi Genil (+34 958 132 323).

Taxi ranks

In central Granada, you'll find many cab ranks, as well as at the airport and at the train and bus stations. The most important cab ranks in the city center are located at the Fuente de las Batallas, Plaza Nueva, Gran Via de Colon and in front of the Jardines del Triunfo.